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Client Assessment- we learn about your life goals and what is needed financially to achieve them. Information on current investments, insurance, employee benefit plans, and other relevant data is gathered as part of a thorough discussion of client goals, risk tolerance, and unique requirements. Client tax and legal advisors may be consulted with to help define estate and tax planning issues.' Particular attention is paid to client lifestyle and family needs.

Modeling and Analysis – Various planning tools may be used to assess progress towards goals, establish priorities, and model potential results of various investment approaches. Projected returns may be stress-tested to determine under what circumstances they may fall short of goals. Existing portfolios are evaluated using advanced analytical tools.

Strategy Development- we create a personalized plan defining reasonable approaches for achieving client objectives. Specific allocations for each asset class are defined to help ensure portfolio diversity and control volatility. The potential benefits of insurance" and other non-investment products are also considered.

Plan Implementation -Institutional quality money managers are selected to manage each asset class along with individual securities when appropriate. Portfolios typically incorporate a variety of asset classes and may include alternative investments such as real estate, commodities and structured securities.

Monitoring and Ongoing Adjustment - results are regularly evaluated to determine appropriate adjustments needed to ensure proper alignment with the agreed upon plan. Regular reviews are conducted to keep clients informed of progress toward goals, and document any changes in client circumstances.